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Course Description

The Introduction to Research for Educators course provides An overview of qualitative and quantitative research methods commonly used on the area of education and related social science fields. A major focus will be on the Action Research method. Students will learn how to read and evaluate research studies, analyze data, identify a research problem, and develop a research question and plan.


   Time: 4:30 to 8:30 with one hour to be completed on-line
Click on dates to obtain session agendas



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F2F = face-to-face


Course Description

The Reading and Writing Educational Research immerses the MA candidate in reading and analyzing the current theoretical and empirical literature on an educational topic connected to his/her MA project or thesis. Students are expected to refine their research topic and write a literature review in anticipation of their Master's project or thesis.


   Time: 4:30 to 8:30 with one hour to be completed on-line
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F2F = face-to-face


Course Description

Integrating Technology into Classroom Teaching will examine and explore technology integration strategies within K-12 networked computing environments. Content will include an examination of technology integration techniques using various application tools, instructional software, productivity software, and the Internet. Participants will also identify relative advantages for choosing technology integration strategies and resources for teachers to draw upon in developing their own technology integration activities.

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   Time: 4:30 to 8:30 with one hour to be completed on-line
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F2F = face-to-face

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