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    • Bring to class each day all necessary materials
    • Have pencils sharpened and homework assignments ready to turn in BEFORE class.
    • You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.
    • To other students, to the teacher, and to the school,
    • No put downs,
    • Raise your hand if you have a question,
    • While working on group work, talk only with your group and use quiet voices,
    • You will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.


A 3 ring binder for handouts and homework, 4 portfolio keepers (one for each quarter), additional notebook paper, pencil with an eraser, pen, metric ruler, and a calculator. In addition students will find it very helpful to have these materials: a wide variety of colored pens or pencils, small safety scissors, and a glue stick.


Students will have science homework four nights a week according to District policy. A daily assignment will generally not be given, however there will be long term & short term assignments, as well as projects, that can be worked on, on a daily basis. In addition, students can also be reviewing assignments in preparation of tests and quizzes and modifying assignments to be placed in the end of the quarter portfolio.

All assignments will be due on the announced turn-in date, no late work will be accepted. Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining their missed work and to turn it into the teacher within a reasonable amount of time. On the turn-in date, work will be checked for completion and quality of responses. Partial credit will be given for incomplete work. At the end of each quarter students will select assignments to place in a portfolio of work that they have completed through out the quarter, at that time they will be checked for content. Students may redo assignments and get feedback from the teacher on those assignments that they intend to place in their portfolio.


Student assignments will fall under the following categories:
  • Monsters (Quizzes, Tests, and Benchmark Exams) - approximately 30% of the total possible points
  • Quests (Worksheets, Lab Reports, and Projects) - approximately 30% of the total possible points
  • Crafting (Mind Maps, Reflections, and End of Quarter Portfolio) - approximately 40% of the total possible points
  • Badges and Easter Eggs (Extra Credit)
Letter grades will be assigned by the following levels of achievement:
LevelXP*Letter Grade
Level Twelve    1940 - 2000     A+
Level Eleven 1750 - 1939 A
Level Ten 1700 - 1749 A-
Level Nine 1650 - 1699 B+
Level Eight 1500 - 1649 B
Level Seven 1450 - 1499 B-
Level Six 1400 - 1449 C+
Level Five 1000 - 1399 C
Level Four 950 - 999 C-
Level Three 900 - 949D+
Level Two 500 - 899 D
Level One 0 - 499 F
Levels will be determined by experience points (XP) on a 2000 XP scale. Students earn XP by battling Monsters, completing Quests, Crafting understanding, earning Badges and finding Easter Eggs.

Monsters - 600 XP each Quarter

  • Solo: Defeat Benchmark Exam monster (200 pts.)
  • Solo: Defeat Motion monster and Force monster tests(100 pts. each)
  • Solo: Defeat 4 Quz monsters (50 pts. each)
Quests - 600 XP each Quarter
  • Guild: End of Quarter Project Quest (200 pts.)
  • Guild: Force & Motion Quest Investigations (8 @ 24 pts.)
  • Dyad: Online Physics Game Quest (48 pts.)
  • Solo: Misc. Worksheets (8 @ 12 pts.)
Crafting - 800 XP each Quarter
  • Solo: Craft Force & Motion Portfolio (600 pts.)
  • Pick-Up Group: Craft Force & Motion Mind Map & Presentation (100 pts.)
  • Solo: Craft Online Personal Reflections and Responses (100 pts.)
If at any time a problem occurs, please bring it to my attention so that together we can work out a proper solution.