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The Exploratorium Online:  Visit the Exploratorium on the World Wide Web and explore hundreds of interesting science topics. Great ideas for your science project or for extra credit.

Windows to the Universe:  Find information about our solar system as well as facts about our Universe.

Science Odyssey:  Cool activities, including Atom Builder and Probe the Brain, as well as comic-book style stories about scientist and a databank of biographies of scientists and descriptions of key events and discoveries.,

Archimedes Unprincipled:  Learn how a hundred-thousand-ton aircraft carrier stays a float? This site is one of a number of informative sites that can be found on Math & Science Television.

Chem4Kids:  A Web-based Chemistry site for Middle School students. Learn about Matter, Atoms, Elements, and Chemical Reactions.  An interactive table of the elements where you can learn about the physical and chemical properties of elements and the structure of the Period Table.

Funderstanding Roller Coaster!  Use you knowledge of forces and motion to design a coaster to achieve maximum thrills and chills without crashing or flying off the track.

Paper Airplane Flight Simulator:  Use this flight simulator to experiment with some of the variables involved in designing and flying a paper airplane.

Paper Airplane Websites:  The links below can be used learn how to create a variety of different types of paper airplanes.

Build the best paper airplane in the world!
Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes
Best Paper Airplanes