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  • The Hierarchy of Social Development

    • LEVEL D - Democracy (highest level)

      • Develops self-discipline
      • Demonstrates initiative
      • Displays responsibility
      • Does good because it is the right thing to do
      • The motivation is INTERNAL.

    • LEVEL C - Cooperation/Conformity

      • Considerate
      • Cooperates
      • Complies
      • Conforms
      • The motivation is EXTERNAL.

    • LEVEL B - Bullying/Bossing

      • Bosses others
      • Bothers others
      • Bullies others
      • Breaks laws and makes own standards
      • Must be bossed to behave
      • This level is characterized by a lack of impulse control, a lack of consideration for others, and by displaying inappropriate behaviors.

    • LEVEL A - Anarchy (lowest level)

      • Absence of order
      • Aimless and chaotic
      • Absence of government
      • Anarchy is the fundamental enemy of civilization.
      • This level is characterized by chaos, being out of control, unsafe.


  1. Warning - Identify level of behavior.
  2. Reflective Essay - between teacher and student
    • In-class time-out
  3. Self-Diagnostic Referral - Copy sent home to parent
    • In-class time-out
    • parent contact
  4. 2nd Self-Diagnostic Referral - Copies of 1st and 2nd referral sent home to parent with a short note explaining the recurring problem.
    • In-class time-out
    • student conference/detention
    • parent contact
  5. 3rd Self-Diagnostic Referral - Copies of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd referrals sent to office and home to parent with a letter explaining that the teacher has exhausted every means to foster social responsibility and that all further disruptions will result in administrative referral and class suspension.
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